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    UPDATE: May 23rd!
    We got the prototype in hand and damn it's cooler than we expected. We are going to need to do some tinkering to get the price to the right place though. We will have another update shortly once we have had ample time to play with it and thoroughly test it.

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    Cryptex USB Drive Gallery

    Current Phase of Production

    prototype phase of production
    Prototype Stage
    We are currently getting a working prototype made based on the designs and drawings that were made from scratch in the last few months. To our surprise, getting such small, precise parts made can be very expensive! We’ve researched nearly a dozen companies and have sent the order in to the one that fit the project best at a reasonable rate. We expect to have photographs of the prototype in the next week or so, and we hope to have that prototype in our hands within 2 weeks from now. Once we have the cryptex usb drive prototype the testing phase begins, and then things are really going to get into fast gear. We can’t wait :)
    News Feed:
    May 23rd, 2012
    So we have the prototype in hand and it is totally awesome! We added a gallery of images for your viewing pleasure. Now for a bit of bad news, we have been pitching our prototypes at a bunch of factories for mass production and all of them have denied to even quote us a price. We are going to make some changes to make the entire thing more simple to mass produce. As it stands now there is welding involved, CNCing, and stamping. If there are any engineers out there that would like to give their two cents email us at cryptex@usbpendrives.com.br. Rest assured we will get this done, it just might take some more time.
    May 17, 2012
    Nós recebemos as fotos da nossa fabrica na China. Existem algumas falhas no projeto que já estão sendo corrigidas. O canal dos pinos eram finos demais e as soldas acabavam causando umas deformações no dispositivo. Devemos tirar algumas fotos do modelo polido e do dispositivo físico em aproximadamente 2 semanas. Mostrei seu carinho, apoie e siga, estamos confiantes e vamos prosseguir com esse projeto não importa quanto difícil se torne
    May 07, 2012
    Nós finalmente desenhamos o modelo de pen drive CNCed, agora vai levar algumas semanas para recebermos a foto do protótipo.
    08 Fevereiro, 2012
    Oi novamente Reddit! Já faz um tempo que postamos a nossa ideia, desde de então, tivemos alguns problemas legais e tivemos que um pouco. Mas agora já estamos de volta e com forca total no projeto e teremos um protótipo em poucas semanas.
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