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USB Memory Direct is the leading manufacturer of customizable USB flash drives. Being in business since 2001, USB Memory Direct prides itself for their excellent customer service.

Cores Disponíveis:
Matéria-Prima: Cardstock
Dimensões: 108 x 83 x 35mm
Opções de Impressão: Call for details
Areá de Impressão: Call for details.
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Embalagem Pen Drive

This display box is a popular option for drives that are custom or unusually shaped. The display box is rectangular, but is the closest to square shaped out of all of our packaging displays. The lid is slightly convex, is attached by a hinge and is kept shut with a magnet which is embedded in the cardstock.

Inside the display box, the drive is held in place using bungie cords. A white felt pad is used as a base for the drive and helps keep it safe during shipping. This box is also perfect if you wish to package more than one drive in a box. The placement of the bungies make it a snap to display two usb drives. An excellent way to show off both the front and back of your custom flash drive.

Especificações e Opções
Cores Disponíveis

Opções de Impressão
  • Call for details
Tempo de Produção
  • Call for details.
  • Cardstock
Areá de Impressão
  • Call for details.
Serviço Rápido
  • Call for details.
Dimensões (C x L x A)
  • 108 x 83 x 35mm
Local da Impressão
  • Call for details.

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